The Trinity Lutheran Biblical Gardens


In 1994, the Women of Trinity Lutheran Church voted to sponsor the building and care of a biblical garden. Four reasons were given for having such a garden. It should be:
1. a place of beauty to illustrate the greatness of God and his creation;
2. a place to rest and meditate;
3. a place to show what some of the plants mentioned in the Bible look like;4. a place to remind us of lessons taught by Jesus using certain plants.

A biblical garden is quite different from those you may have at your home. It has mainly trees, shrubs, vegetables and herbs. The flowers bloom mainly in the spring. Like many desert regions, flowers only bloomed when the spring rains came. Then they ripened seed and rested till the next year.

This garden has been patterned after the one found at St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York City. That garden is walled and comprises 14 acres. Therefore, our garden is scaled down to suit our site. By using raised beds and brick walks, we hope that the garden is accessible to all. It is hoped that this garden will be used by many members of Trinity as well as all people in the community.

A garden is never static, but always changing. Some plants may die and need to be replaced by the same or perhaps by something different. Placement of plants may change or the quantity of each may also change. This booklet will therefore be revised periodically.

All expenses of the garden have been paid from donations and memorials. Thanks to all who have given to make this garden and its maintenance possible.

In 2000, a pergola and patio was donated in memory of William and Elizabeth Reid by their family.